Whanganui Launches 'Welcoming Communities' Programme

Congratulations must go to Whanganui District Council for being the first Council nationwide to launch their Welcoming Communities Plan. Cross-Cultural TransitioNZ was honoured to be asked to speak as part of the launch evening, as Whanganui celebrated all the hard work done thus far by Katy Newton in her role as Community Development Advisor- Newcomers and all those who have had input into the plan to date.

Whanganui District Council members set the tone for the future of Whanganui in developing a more 'culturally aware and inclusive city', by attending a Cross-Cultural TransitioNZ workshop, in 'Leading with Cultural Intelligence' along with members of the Chamber of Commerce and Youth Council members.

Members of the wider community, educational institutions, tourism operators and political party representatives also had the opportunity, thanks to Heather Cox, who is Whanganui and Partners Strategic Lead for Education and Youth, to attend Cross-Cultural TransitioNZ workshops, as they strive to provide services and support for their migrant community and international students throughout the Whanganui District.

As businesses, schools and other organisations establish support networks, with trained staff who are culturally aware, newcomers to Whanganui will feel a sense of belonging. By encouraging and valuing the input of migrant communities within Whanganui they will be fostering culturally intelligent leadership, teamwork and diversity which goes beyond the office walls and classrooms and into the community and beyond.

Businesses throughout New Zealand are realising just how important skilled migrants are to their industries. Training therefore in culturally intelligent practice assists in the retention of such a hard to source talent pool and productivity can increase by learning how to manage different decision making styles, different communication styles, different attitudes and building trust within the multi-cultural workplace.

And so we at Cross-Cultural TransitioNZ wish Whanganui well as a community as they embark on this journey and look forward to future connections with community groups, schools and businesses in the region as they develop cross-cultural competence in all sectors.

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