Recruiting The Candidate Is The Easy Part, Keeping Them In New Zealand Is the Challenge

So you've found the perfect candidate for the position you have available. Their skill level, their expertise and experience is exactly what you need, so you offer them the job. That's it! Jone done! Can't wait till they can start!

No... that is merely the beginning of the journey. There is a great deal that needs to be done before one can celebrate! Visa processing, documents, verification, police reports, medicals, financial records and so the list goes on... Then there's the logistics of shipment, set up, temporary housing and so it continues.

Is it all worth it? Of course it is...

Are you prepared to wait...Of course you are...because once the person is here in New Zealand all your problems will be solved. Right?

Well, they could be, if all goes to plan...but what the reality of the situation is, that even when people are here and all the planning has been done other variables take over.

Life... yes, family, move, settling in, growing accustomed to the New Zealand way of life. New friends, new schools, new activities, new community and new expectations can be quite overwhelming. Not everyone is ready for the challenge. Some people need more help and support if they are going to settle in and stay, and of course that is the ultimate goal of your organisation. You want all the time and effort you've put into the process to be worthwhile.

Can you afford to leave this to chance? How can you as an employer assist in this process? Time and time again those we speak to are so overwhelmed with the logistical process they forget the main ingredient to success? THE PEOPLE!

An international move is a family move. Here are some pointers to remember:

1. Provide the family a support person prior to arrival

2. Give the family as much information you can regarding moving with children, what to expect and preparation for the move

3. Set aside time for your employee to settle their family

4. Provide them a support person to assist with settling in

5. Provide training for them as to what to expect in transition

6. Check on the welfare of the family, not just the employee at regular intervals throughout the first year

7. Try to create a community, not just for employees but for their accompanying families- time to relax, share stories, contacts

8. Talk to other employees who have been through the process- can they be mentors for newcomers

9. Give them time...

10. Listen, observe, be there.

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