Recruiting For A Successful International Move!

Are you looking to recruit highly sought after, highly skilled people to fill hard to source jobs in New Zealand? What are the qualities you need to look for to ensure that your new recruits are the right fit for your business?

Too often we hear stories of new recruits who come to New Zealand and within a short period of time, return to their home country, or move to another company within New Zealand as they are not 'happy' with their choice of destination, or their family is not happy with the situation. Based upon current research from ' Florida Atlantic University'* that measured five qualities they believed to be important; conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, extroversion and emotional stability in an international move, here are the top three qualities to look for when recruiting those who are looking to move to internationally.

1. Openness- Openness to new experiences is an important trait that will enable people to find new experiences novel and enjoyable, as their mindset is one of growth and understanding, rather than finding change or differences to one's own experiences or home country in a negative light.

2. Emotional Stability- "People who are very emotionally stable are not as affected by culture shock and the various stressors that are faced on assignment". This in turn means they are more able to adjust, face new issues, and adapt in a more even tempered way to change.

3. Being An Extrovert- extroverts are better at forming new networks that assist with the social, emotional and information adjustments they will need to make in a new culture. 


Recruiting from overseas is a significant investment. It is crucial therefore to choose people who are most suitable- not just in their qualifications and experience, but in their ability to adapt to new environments. As with any international move it is important that these qualities do not just extend to the employee but to those family members who are in transition also. Establishing the motivation of the family, the openness to the move and to change, their emotional stability in order to cope and their ability to reach out to establish new social networks is key to the success of any move.

Of course the last and most important is the support given in transition, upon arrival and throughout the first twelve months is imperative for a successful overseas adventure.

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*(Adi Gaskell, contributer Forbes

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