A Movable Partnership

Moving to a new country sounds fantastic. The excitement, the challenge, the new job, the new house, new schools, new car, new friends...hang on wait a minute, are new friends something we can google and order online? Can we find them at the local shopping mall? Unfortunately new friends are something that takes time, and what makes this transition harder is we need them right now.

Leaving our home country is hard. While we are busy in the throws of the move, getting visas, organising shipments, worrying about the kids, saying goodbyes, we tend to forget that while it is very exciting at this stage and at the point of arrival where we must settle, find a home and enrol the kids in school, at some point we are confronted with the reality of our new life. It is at that point we realise just what we have left behind- our family, our closest friends and our support network. That is when we find ourselves wondering what on earth we've done and how are we ever going to find that sense of community we once had and where do we even start.

Don't worry, you are not alone. Every year thousands of people make the decision to move and have been in your position- worried about their future and whether or not they have made the right decision to leave and start again. The reality is some don't make it. They either don't give it a chance and become negative, resentful and unhappy or the choice was not what they had dreamed it to be. Others realise that if they are to settle they must step out of their comfort zone and try to meet others. They must try to build a support network in their new reality. If they are constantly clinging to their past they will never settle. So be brave...take the first step, if you have been here a while take another step, help others who are where you were three years ago.

Come and have a coffee, listen to our introduction to 'Partners Abroad'. Through this support group you will develop a new network, a network that shares similar stories and from this you will achieve your goal to settle into this amazing country you now call home...

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