Our Aim

Cross-Cultural TransitioNZ is a division of Morris Consulting Group, New Zealand's leading Training and Development Specialists. Morris Consulting Group is licensed as Cross- Cultural Consultants by the Interchange Institute based in Boston, USA.

Morris Consulting Group works with families, schools, corporations and government agencies to provide cross cultural workshops for those travelling overseas, settling in New Zealand or repatriating. 


The work of smoothing intercultural transitions has never been so critical. More people than ever are moving to and from different countries. Adapting quickly to new cultural environments has many benefits. Inter-cultural understanding helps people see the world from someone else's perspective, and that leads to empathy and open-mindedness.


Our speciality is to help people live and work across different cultures. Our programs and consulting services are based on quality research based around cross cultural understanding.

“Cross cultural training is therefore essential if people are to acclimatise as effectively as possible to their new environment.”

Meet The Team

Steve has lived and worked overseas for the past nineteen years. Most recently he has worked in the United States  and Australia consulting  with a variety of organisations in organisational development and training. Previously as an international educator Steve worked for fifteen years in International Schools in Asia and South America as a Principal, Student Services Director, and as a Counsellor assisting families in their orientation and transition into expatriate life. 

​As an experienced international presenter and trainer, Steve is able to combine his expertise and knowledge to provide high quality professional development and training for companies and educational institutions alike.

Steve has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, Master of Arts,

Post-Graduate Diploma in Business and Administration,  Bachelor of Education, 

Diploma of Teaching,  National Certificate in Adult Education and Training, and a Cert IV in Training (AUS).


Steve is the Founder of Cross Cultural TransitioNZ.

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Jean is an experienced international educator who has spent fifteen years teaching in International Schools in Asia and South America before returning to New Zealand in 2010.


After repatriation and returning to the New Zealand education system, Jean aims to utilise her expertise with international students, teachers and families to assist them in a smooth transition to a new country by providing insight into the need for establishing sound pastoral care services within schools and organisations alike.

Her practical knowledge and experience working and living in five different countries with a family, means that she is able to empathise and relate to all her session's participants. This, combined with her presenting ability means that her workshops are relatable, practical and fun!

Our Services

- Pre-Arrival Support Services 

- Pre-Departure Support Services

- Settling-In Services

- Workplace Orientation and Inclusion

- Programmes for International Newcomers

- Third Culture Kid Workshops

- Inter-Cultural Training

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm (NZT)

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